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June 17, 2016

Cooking oil and cuisines

Cooking oil and cuisines, Munnar Resort

We have noticed over the years that there is a general aversion to dishes made out of coconut oil and mustard oil . We would like to inform all our guest that we use best quality refined oil as our cooking medium and coconut oil is limited to Kerala dishes only. At Munnar Tea Country Resort(MTCR) we understand that palate plays a crucial role in making clients happy and we use best available ingredients to prepare dishes for our guests. Vegetables and meats are procured on a daily basis and apart from the frozen items nothing is stored. Regular kitchen and service audits at our resort  ensures that nothing is stocked for long . All items including provisions is picked up on a fortnightly basis which ensures freshness of each items that is prepared.

Our chef ensures that every dish that comes to you is of the standard that we have drawn for ourselves. The look, feel , smell and temperature of every dish is meant to intoxicate your sensory organs giving you a satisfying smile at the end of every meal. Even in chilly climate when we provide room service we have taken precautions to serve you hot food.  What’s more you are welcome to walk into our kitchen to do an inspection of your anytime on request .

At Munnar Tea Country Resort (MTCR) we serve delectable cuisines from North India, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra, West Bengal, China, Continental, Arabic and our very own Kerala cuisine. Added to that we shall be conducting food festivals to sensitize  you a taste of other states in India and International cuisines as well. Our chef is approachable anytime and his cooking classes are a rage, which is conducted on request. You may also seek out recipes from the chef and cook something for everyone during the demos.

As we say in Hindi ; over he we here we serve ” Swachch aur Swadisht khana ” i.e tasty and clean food. Come and explore for yourself. All rights reserved. | Design iTruth