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June 17, 2016

First Family Resort in Munnar, Idukki, Kerala, India

India with its billions population is one of the largest countries in the world where family culture is robust. Family plays a crucial role in all aspects of our lives. However hospitality industry is yet to wake up to the fact that a family needs should be recognized and redressed. Even though most of the population that travels within India consist of family’s, it is unfortunate that hotels and resorts are yet to wake up to this requirement. The best that is done by the resorts is creation of activity zones and kids pools.

If you are a family with kids above 12 years and looking to stay together, it becomes a nightmare in most of the hotels as most of the hotels and resorts in India expect you to take up another room. This not only makes a big dent to your payouts for a holiday you are also forced to keep your kids away which is big no no to many a parent. Kids who are not used to the absence of their parents find it difficult too. We believe in giving out clients a peaceful enjoyable holiday to our clients and thoughtfully designed the resort to meet all the needs of families, honeymooners and even a corporate.

Munnar Tea Country Resort (MTCR) believes in practicing what we say and we are honored to share that we are the first family resort in Munnar, Kerala ; probably the first family resort in India. We believe a close knit family needs to be together during a holiday. Each of our villas and cottages has been designed with the idea to allow parents to stay with their kids up to the age of 17 years in the same cottage. If you have older kids in the family we have interconnecting/ adjoining cottages and villas.

In addition we have an exclusive kid’s zone for keeping the little ones busy. We also have an exclusive spa to keep dads and moms relax, besides variety of activities and entertainment to choose from. We have gone a step further and decided to give the kids their own special menu served in exclusive compact kid’s meal dishes. For adults we have some amazing lip smacking dishes on the menu. Besides we have some amazing experiences lined up for you right from the time you arrive at the resort.

At Munnar Tea Country Resort (MTCR) we have worked towards giving you a luxury resort experience with all the practical luxuries required to enjoy a holiday. We believe in the fact that you need not be a 5 star resort to dish out a 5 star experience ; we have translated our belief into experiences at the Munnar Tea Country Resort with smiling hospitality.

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